Modern Contemporary Large Acrylic House Sign


Create a Modern look for the front of your house with this contemporary laser cut acrylic house sign.


Made from double-layered matt acrylic, the contrasting letter and number cutouts create a beautiful effect.


When selecting colours please choose opposite colours to get the best results.



270mm w x 160 mm h 




The sign comes with stand-off wall fixings included. 


How to Use: The standoff wall fixings are easily attached to your wall. First, unscrew the stand off base and then screw the fittings into the wall. Place a sign in-between the outer cap and the fixing, then lock it in place by tightening the outer cap.


You need to supply your own screws and wall plugs for the fixings, as you would need to select the correct screws for the type of wall you are fixing the sign to. 



Modern Contemporary Large Acrylic House Sign